15 Honest Work Confessions That Are Just Totally Wrong

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While we all ideally wish to project a professional appearance at work, the reality is most of us have the occasional lapse in judgement. While to err is human, there is such a thing as going too far like the people in these 15 work confessions.

Actually I fault the employer here for not having an employee substance abuse recovery program covered by insurance. That said, I’d never ask those under my leadership to hold a secret like this.

This is just a bad idea for so many reasons mostly boiled down to jealousy. If these men or a potential spouse found out, there would be hell to pay.

Few people know that the larger a company is, the more weird stuff is happening in the background. It’s just the nature of how humans are – if someone knows that they can get “get away” with doing something, then most probably they are going to do it. What this story is going to list are 15 different blatantly honest work confessions of people doing weird things behind their bosses and colleagues backs. Number 5 is especially funny.

Some employees so frustrated at work, that they enjoy seeing the higher-ups in the company make mistakes and complete fools of themselves. Kind of like what the person who wrote the above message did – that was a very passive-aggressive thing to do.
Here is a funny message a receptionist from some company posted. The poster said that once the boardroom and other employees leave for their lunch break, they sneak into the boardroom and play a “make-believe” CEO of the company.
It seems that these days everyone is sleeping with everyone else – which is what this girl thought, and decided to went on a sex-spree and slept with everyone in her office – including all the employees and all the different company bosses.
The Wrong Time to Fart
Everyone has had this happen to them – there you are, hanging with coworkers or friends, thinking that you are just about to let out a “silent” fart – the only problem is, the fart was completely audible and in some cases even nasty smelling.

Here is a nasty message someone posted on Reddit. The poster said that at one time they (unintentionally) pooped their pants at work, and in order to hide their dirty underwear, they placed it in a package that got shipped to a company customer.
Getting “Trashed” at Work

Another bad and unproductive thing some employees do at work is getting “trashed” or otherwise intoxicated while at work. Bosses hate this, and at many companies, going drunk to work even once is enough to get fired and even blacklisted from the industry.
Some employees are so stressed out and tired from working (especially over time), that they sometimes have to take naps while at their desk. That is kind of like how the poster of the above message does – they take a short nap every morning before anyone notices.
Here is another reason why guys should flirt or try dating coworkers – some of them might just be straight up using their flirting as a weapon to get ahead. The advice here is – if you are going to date, try finding someone from outside the office.

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