18 Husbands Who Just Couldn’t Help Failing On Their Wives Expectations.

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You can very easily spot wives complaining about their husbands and vice versa. Well, sometimes in order to be perfect both of the sides end up screwing things. Some screw ups tend to seem pretty normal while some of them are hilarious as hell. I am pretty sure that these screw ups would’ve reminded you of your own such stories. After all, sending your man to shop grocery or asking him to look after the kitchen is one big risk. Here are 18 such incidents where husbands ended up failing on their wives expectations.

1. Looks like someone is way too confused between ‘Fish Food’ and ‘Fish’s Food’.

2. Fruits can be one hell of one confusing thing.

3. Well, husbands can doubtlessly be dreadful cooks.

4. When it is a matter of wine, you can always expect perfection from your man.

5. When your husband is way too childish.

6. Dog size went wrong. xD

7. When you try to innovate to keep yourselves from failing.

8. Just in case you didn’t notice the mouthwash on the top of the closet.

9. This man is just so unaware of his wedding entity.

10. Because folding bed sheets isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Though this note is definitely hilarious.

11. This was indeed clever.

12. This little cute potato is for sure gonna make its way to husband’s plate.

13. Hygiene and men don’t really bond well with each other.

14. This husband was supposed to get a greeting card for a baby shower.

15. God save this man from the inexplicable irony.

16. Probably this man couldn’t spot any foil wraps or Tupperware in his home. Anyways the method seems completely dope to me.

17. Well, this husband had a serious mental breakdown while hopping grocery for home.

18. Ladies, you can definitely expect this thing when your husbands are the one decorating room for your kids. Someone’s gonna have some serious nightmares.

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